Haldun Karagöz, M.D.
Cardiovascular Surgery

Graduated from Ankara University School of Medicine, Turkey (1982). Cardiovascular Residency under Kemal Bayazıt, M.D., at TYIH, Ankara, Turkey (1990). Performed over 20.000 complex cardiovascular operations at Guven Hospital, Ankara, Turkey (1993-2012). Took a sabbatical for a singlehanded circumnavigation on a sailboat (2012-2014). Currently at the Cardiovascular Surgery Department, American Hospital, Istanbul, Turkey. Dr. Karagoz is one of the leading cardiovascular surgeons of the world. He has developed various original surgical techniques, and he is the first surgeon in the world to perform a coronary bypass operation in an awake patient. He has extensive experience in many aspects of adult cardiovascular surgery.