Durmuş Sevinç, M.D.
Check Up

Durmus Sevinc, M.D., G.P., was born in Nigde in 1956. He graduated from Robert College in 1974 and graduated from Istanbul University School of Medicine in 1980. Dr. Sevinc worked in Niğde Health Center for 1 year. After completing his Military Duty in 1982, he worked in Istanbul Esnaf Hospital for 6 months. He started working as House physician at American Hospital in 1984. He was sent by American Hospital to Methodist Hospital in Houston-Texas and J.F.K. Hospital in New Jersey in 1987 for education in Emergency Medicine and Check-up. After he came back, he re-organized the Emergency Clinic and he also started to work in Check-up Clinic. Since 1987, he works as Check-up Doctor and also Panel Physician for Australia, Canada and New Zealand visa examinations.