Human Resources Policy

‘‘For us, not human resources, but our most valuable asset is using our resources.’’

American Hospital Department of Human Resources takes the goals of the Vehbi Koc Foundation's Health Organizations with a parallel viewpoint and carries out the tasks of humans resources to make a proactive and innovative approach.

At the Vehbi Koç Foundation Health Organizations, we aim to develop the well-educated, well-trained, open- minded, energetic, whom have the potential to improve themselves, successful within teamwork and have the continuing education programs, effective programme management and the reward systems.

The main reason in which Vehbi Koç Health Organization makes a big difference in the health care field is being due to creating training and continuous development for their employees. ‘‘Education,  for a companies employees, should be the most important investment for their future’’ throughout this year we based our approach on this mentality for our employees knowledge, skills and professional and personal development training in order to increase the level of quality of service provided and are encouraged to take part in the pre- orientation, orientation and general orientation programs which are organized within the department.

Once our employees have completed their orientation process, they then complete the Creative Drama Service Culture training, henceforth the corporate culture is absorbed. During their career working; there is training and the national/ international congresses continuously supported.